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Home Business Resource Guide Review by Christine Hindle

Laurie Newmann
Christian Home Business Connection
1009 Middle Rd
Rush, NY 14543

This is a downloadable PDF consisting of 75 pages. Laurie Newmann has compiled all the information she could find on the Web about home business opportunities. She presents the material in three sections, with clickable links to the information on the Web to make it convenient to explore each possibility. She has put all the information into one convenient resource that will save you many hours of searching the Net yourself.

The first section details opportunities that are already set up, you working for someone else's company, distributing their products. Each opportunity is presented by explaining what start-up costs are required and what materials and/or training will be needed. Newmann also links you directly to respective companies so that you can read all the information they provide as well. There are many companies represented here in a wide variety of interest areas.

Section two tells you how to start your own business from the ground up. The author suggests different types of business and give you links to training courses you can purchase or books or ebooks that can be purchased on the subject to help you get started.

The final section gives further information on the kinds of home businesses you can start. Ms. Newmann provides links to articles and free instructional videos that she has found on the Web to give you an idea about these types of businesses.

This ebook was copyrighted in 2006-2007, however the author regularly updates the information so what you receive will be accurate. There is a lot of good information here for $14.97. I would recommend this book to homeschooling parents that are trying to find opportunities to keep them home with their children and provide for them as well. I saw a lot of good ideas here that I will look into in more detail and consider in the future.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2010

And another review of this guide...

The Home Business Resource Guide E-Book is a 75-page compilation of home business opportunities. The E-Book is divided into three sections.

Section One is a listing of already established companies that offer home business opportunities in the form of direct selling, a franchise, or other method. There are seventy-one links to different opportunities presented.

Section Two lists resources for start-up guides or training for specific businesses. The listings in this section are for starting a business from scratch, rather than joining an existing business. This section contains seventy-two linked resources.

Section Three is a listing of ten online articles and other resources related to home businesses.

The listed opportunities represent a wide range of start-up costs. From $6000 to open a reading-tutoring clinic to a $5 start-up fee for a coffee sales business, there is a potential home business for every budget. The author has made an attempt to verify with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau the legitimacy of the businesses, but interested persons should confirm this for themselves before investing money in any of the opportunities.

Most of this information could be found online without the aid of the E-Book. However, many will find the price of $14.97 worthwhile in order to save time on research. The author has done a nice job of categorizing the businesses to make it easier to find a specific type of opportunity. Some of the companies will be familiar to most people, but there are some fresh, new ideas listed as well.

If you want to let someone else do the legwork for you in researching business possibilities, this is an E-Book you will want to own. However, if you would rather spend the time and save the money, you can probably do your own research online without the aid of the E-Book.

Product Review by Whitney Dunahee, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2010