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Keeping Peace At Home Review by Diane Wheeler

Sally Clarkson

"Sally Clarkson does a great job of reminding us that God is bigger than all of our concerns" -- The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

One Saturday last month, we had a rather regrettable morning. We were quickly packing six bikes, seven suitcases, seven people, and one dog into two cars. It was barely morning, and I am not a perky morning person. My husband is, however, and he was having difficulty motivating the rest of us. When the last item was shoved in place, and the cranky parents were separated into their two vehicles, we took off down the highway. I had decided to listen to Sally Clarkson’s WholeHearted Mother Conference tapes on the drive, but then I looked at the title. “PEACE AT HOME?” I moaned loudly. “What is THAT?” My daughter asked what I was grumbling about and I showed her the title of the tapes. What could she do but giggle? I was afraid the contrast between Peace At Home and Wheelers At Home might be too much for all of us, but I kept to my plan. Cynically pushing the cassette into the tape deck, I announced, “Okay, kids, it is time for peace at home!”

I am not sure what I expected, but was I surprised! Rather than getting slammed with “shoulds”, “oughts” and “if you would onlys,” I was met with support, encouragement, understanding, and the gentle prodding of God’s word. The opening story of the first tape is beyond hilarious. Instead of the tears of depression, comparing our lives to the mythical victorious homeschool life I thought would be proclaimed, we were laughing until we cried. Sally Clarkson understands the hassles, the temptations, and the realities of the homeschool life. She takes those experiences and gives messages filled with reality, humor, and the power of God’s word. When I finished the first two tapes, I felt like I had spent a few hours in a cafe with a dear friend, and Sally’s words of encouragement had motivated me to love God and love others more deeply. Isn’t friendship and encouragement what we all need on this narrow road?

The titles for the five tapes are Finding Peace at Home, Giving Peace through Discipleship (The Model of Jesus in John), Centering on the Peace of God at Home, Lifegiving Is a Spiritual Choice (Phyllis Stanley) and A Peace Worth Keeping (Clay Clarkson). You can order these tapes by calling Whole Heart Ministries at 1-254-797-2142 or you can visit their website at

If you need some encouragement in your walk with the Lord, or if you need to be revived as a homeschooling mother, I recommend you listen to Keeping Peace at Home by Whole Heart Ministries. May you be encouraged as you focus your eyes on the Lord, the Source of true peace. Sally Clarkson does a great job of reminding us that God is bigger than all of our concerns and that He can be trusted with our hearts. Enjoy!

-- Product Review by: Diane Wheeler, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine