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My State History Funbook Review by Lisa Maynard

Joy Dean
Published and Distributed by A Helping Hand
3213 Fisher Road
Indianapolis, IN 46239

The My State History Funbook is a printed set of note-booking pages similar in design to the pages one would use in a lap-book. They are sent customized to one of the 52 States. I received a bound Funbook and 12 pages of printed information to help us complete it. The first 3 pages are instructions and a lesson schedule that divides the notebook activities into 30 lessons the rest contain cutouts, maps, and other fun information. Before you start completing the Funbook it is necessary to obtain free tourist literature. I obtained mine from an address provided in the informational pages and it arrived within two weeks, although the program does suggest allowing up to four week for the material to arrive. There is also some other information required in order to complete the Funbook correctly.

Name and picture of your current governor.

Picture of teacher/parent

Picture of the child completing the book

Music for or a recording of the state son

Piece of heavy string or twine about 10 inches

Pictures or a brochure about the child's home city.

As an immigrant to the United States from the United Kingdom, I think it's important to teach my children about the Country and State they live in. The 'My State History Funbook' has been a fun summer curriculum for my youngest. It's advertised as suitable for children aged 4 through 2nd grade. The Funbook can be used independently or to accompany a companion course while teaching older children from a companion course for older children.

My son is the age of a public school 2nd grader and he was actually capable of working through a lot of this book himself. The level of assistance needed for the child would really depend on their reading ability. My son reads at a very high level which is why he worked through the material with limited help. The daily schedule is very easy to follow. The lesson plan chart is split into lessons. You can look on the chart to see what pages are to be done for each lesson. The first thing to be done is to color or trace the title at the top of each page. The items needed are listed on the lesson plan chart. My son then would color and cutout things needed for the lesson. Then the items are glued into the relevant page of the Funbook. It's as simple as that. By the time the student has completed the Funbook he will be familiar with your State flag, seal, tree, capitol, bird, flower, and also know some interesting facts about the State too.

We really liked this program. It gave us some relevant information about our State and also some fun facts – our State was the first to serve the ice-cream cone, as it was introduced at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition world's fair. We really enjoyed this program, I think it's a great way to introduce State history to younger students.

-Product review by Lisa Maynard, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2016