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Mastering Algebra "John Saxon's Way"--Advanced Mathematics DVD Tutorial Review by Maggi Beardsley

Art Reed
AJ Publishers, LLC
117 N. Washington
Enid, OK 73701

This Advanced Mathematics tutorial course is designed to go with the textbook Geometry with Advanced Algebra, 2nd edition, by John Saxon. The ten DVDs in the set cover the first 90 lessons in the text. (There is a separate set of DVDs for the remaining lessons, ending with lesson 125.) The DVDs come in a sturdy DVD case and can be played on a television or a computer. On the first DVD, Mr. Art Reed gives an overview of the course and a review of Algebra. It would be best to have the textbook Geometry with Advanced Algebra, 2nd edition, to go along with the DVDs (rather than trying to fit this tutorial into another curriculum).

Prior to using this tutorial course, students should have completed the Algebra 2 textbook and the Geometry textbook by Saxon. Mr. Reed teaches this Geometry text over the course of four semesters. As mentioned, these DVDs cover lessons 1-90. Mr. Reed's schedule is to complete one lesson every two days. The students watch the DVD on one or both days, completing the odd-numbered problems on one day and the even-numbered problems on the next day. Mr. Reed schedules for one test every four lessons.

When the student is ready for a lesson, he or she simply clicks on the lesson number. It states the duration of the DVD lesson. Mr. Reed begins his lecture at his podium. He then uses a white board to teach the lessons. Watching the DVDs is like sitting in a classroom for a math lecture.

I found that the teaching was excellent. Mr. Reed did a great job of explaining difficult concepts. He also tied the new material to previous knowledge. He reminds me of my former Trig teacher. If you are looking for instruction to go along with the Geometry with Advanced Algebra book, these are the DVDs for you. There is a sample of the DVD instruction on so that you can view Mr. Reed in action.

Product review by Maggi Beardsley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2010