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GeoLeg Math: Measurement and Geometry Level 4 GeoLeg Jr. Set Review by Courtney Larson

Peg Cannon
GeoLeg Math
2225 Justice Street, Suite A
Monroe, LA 71201

GeoLeg Math is a manipulative-based geometry and measurement program. The GeoLeg Jr. set is designed for grades 4-6, and Measurement and Geometry Level 4 is the accompanying fourth-grade workbook. GeoLeg Math has resources available for grades 4-12. 

The GeoLeg Jr. set comes with six lime green GeoLegs marked with centimeters and degrees. Two or more GeoLegs can be combined by sliding the legs together. These GeoLegs are designed to replace a protractor, compass, and ruler, as well as allow the student to construct different shapes. They can be used to measure and draw angles, polygons, and circles. Because they can be used to build triangles and polygons, the student can see the changes in the angles as they change the length of the sides of the shape. 

Measurement and Geometry Level 4 is a 96-page workbook that uses the GeoLegs to teach geometry and measurement. The eight chapters in the workbook cover lines, angles, circles, triangles, polygons, quadrilaterals, congruent and similar polygons, and solids. Students are encouraged to keep a geometry journal to help them learn how to explain the concepts they are learning. The workbook is written to the student, and I think most fourth graders could work through it independently. The hands-on lessons require students to apply what they are learning. For example, in the Polygon chapter, students are required to identify which shapes are polygons and which are not. For each shape, they are told to explain why the shape is or is not a polygon. The student is then taught about convex and concave polygons, along with rotation and reflection. They measure the angles of polygons with their GeoLegs and build the polygons with their GeoLegs. They are also asked to build a convex pentagon and then turn it into a concave pentagon. Then they are asked if they can do the same thing with a triangle. They learn how to measure the perimeter of a polygon, and they learn about tessellations. 

Concepts in Measurement and Geometry Level 4 are presented in a logical, step-by-step, and thorough manner. The GeoLegs are interesting, and my fourth-grade son enjoyed building shapes with them. I'm not sure they'll replace our rulers, protractors, and compasses, but they are great for demonstrating geometric shapes. My biggest complaint about the workbook is that no answer key is provided. It doesn't take very long to work each problem and find the answer, but like other homeschooling moms, I need to be careful with every minute of my day, and an answer key could save some time. The price is $35 for one workbook and a set of 6 GeoLegs. This program is a fun supplement to any math program, and would be perfect to do over the summer--or simply any time your student needs a break from a traditional math program. 

Product review by Courtney Larson, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2010