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Dixon Ticonderoga Art and School Supplies Review by Heather Jackowitz

Dixon Ticonderoga Company
723 Joe Tamplin Industrial Blvd.
Macon, GA 31217

Dixon Ticonderoga sells a variety of art and school supplies that are available online or in stores. I reviewed Tri-Conderoga pencils, Lyra Groove colored pencils, Prang soy crayons, Prang art markers, and Prang watercolors. All of these products are AP certified non-toxic.

We loved the Tri-Conderoga pencils. They certainly earn their nickname: "The world's most comfortable pencil." They have a comfortable triangular shape and smooth, soft surface. They are slightly bigger than a regular pencil, and that, combined with their triangular shape, makes it easy to teach and use proper handwriting grip. These pencils have a No. 2 core and a latex-free eraser. One of my sons has a difficult time holding a pencil correctly, and according to him, "These pencils feel good and help me use proper grip." Another plus: they don't roll off the table. The set also includes a sharpener for both these larger and the regular smaller pencil.

The Lyra Groove colored pencils were another big hit in the Jackowitz household. These triangular-shaped pencils have polka-dotted grooves all the way up the pencil that provide excellent support for correct grip. One son says, "They color brightly, and the grooves feel really nice in my hand. They're triangular, so they help me hold them." These pencils are also slightly bigger than a regular pencil and don't roll off the table. Although the leads are not as nice as Prismacolors, my children prefer these because of the triangular shape and grooves.

Prang soy crayons are made from a unique soybean oil formula instead of paraffin wax. This formula makes Prang crayons brighter and smoother than ordinary wax crayons. The Prang 8-color set of art markers is made with a special washable ink that does not dry out--even if the cap is left off all day! The colors are bright and beautiful, and the tips are cone shaped for both fine and wide lines, depending on how you hold the marker. The 8-color Prang watercolor set comes in a hinged white mixing box with a No. 9 brush. The semi-moist watercolor formula is far superior to the typical box of watercolors and provides brilliant color. Once you have used these watercolors, you will not want to go back to Crayola or RoseArt. Refills are available.

In my home, there's nothing like some new art or school supplies to breath new life into our routine. Even something as simple as an unusual new pencil seems to enliven my children. Dixon Ticonderoga art and school supplies are reasonably priced and excellent quality.

Product review by Heather Jackowitz, Senior Product Reviewer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2010