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Seasons of Faith Review by Nicole Teichroeb

CBH Ministries
PO Box 1001
Grand Rapids, MI 49501-1001

Seasons of Faith is a series of books that are adapted from the Children's Bible Hour radio script and designed to help children learn about faith in God. Each book has beautiful watercolor-like illustrations and contains a faith-building lesson. Each book also comes with an audio CD of the story so that children can listen over and over. 

Race with Midnight is the story of a young girl named Becky who spends spring break with her cousin, aunt, and uncle on their horse farm in Montana. Becky is a Christian, but her relatives are not. So she tries to keep her eyes open for ways to witness to them. While horseback riding, Becky and her cousin end up getting lost, and Becky finds the perfect opportunity to witness to her cousin in a way that she is able to relate to. 

In You Can't Come In, Adam has made a new friend. His name is Zack, and he has just moved into town. The two boys decide to build a tree fort, and while working the conversation turns to church and salvation. Zack has a hard time understanding the concept of salvation, so Adam explains that when we are filled with sin we cannot get into Heaven until Jesus washes that sin away. Later when they arrive home, Zack's mother will not let him into the house because he is covered in mud. Zack is able to make the connection that it is the same way with salvation. We must ask Jesus to wash away our sins just like he had to ask his mother to help him wash away the mud. 

Seventy Times Seven--While playing baseball, Brad accidentally breaks the Ice Cream shop's sign. Even though he is scared, he goes to talk to the owner and is pleasantly surprised when Mr. Jeffries forgives him. But when his best friend borrows his favorite baseball cap and accidently ruins, it he becomes angry and refuses to forgive him. When Mr. Jeffries finds out about what happened, he is sad that Brad could be so unwilling to forgive such a small thing after he himself had been forgiven such a big thing. Mr. Jeffries decides to have Brad work to pay him back for the sign after all. 

Braving the Storm--Thomas is very sad. His family has had a rough year. First a car accident almost killed his little brother, then his dad lost his job, and then his family sold their home and moved away from all of his friends to live in a mobile home on his grandparent's farm. His little brother can't play with him, his sister is only interested in her dolls, and Thomas feels very lonely. While helping plant a tree, Thomas asks his grandpa why God would allow bad things to happen to Christians. Grandpa explains that being a Christian doesn't mean that nothing bad will ever happen, but we must grow strong roots in our faith so that we can withstand the bad things. When an ice storm comes through, the little tree they planted does not survive. Grandpa points out how the big trees that have strong roots did survive the storm. He explains to Thomas that storms test us to see how strong our roots are. Sometimes a storm can seem too hard to handle, but in the end it can bring blessings too.

I thought this series was nicely done. It covers important issues in a way that children can understand and relate to. The cds are a nice addition, as they allows children to hear the stories any time, even if no one is available to read to them, or you can take them along to listen to in the car. I think my children are going to get a lot of use out of these books.

Product review by Nicole Teichroeb, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2010