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Run Wild Game Review by Christine Hindle

Leah Osterhaus
Out of the Box Publishing
P.O. Box 521
Richland Center, WI 53581

This card game comes in a cute little tin. The cards are numbered 1 through 12 in four different color sets. In addition there are Wild cards and Draw 3 cards. The cards are dealt out equally to all players. Each player makes a draw pile with his or her cards. When the dealer says "go," each player picks up eight cards to begin the game.

They can play runs of three or more of the same color cards or sets of three or more of the same number card. Wild cards can be used to take the place of one of the cards in a set or a run. Draw 3 is played by whoever has it, causing the other players to have to pick up three more cards from their draw piles. As soon as the sets and runs are on the table, anyone can play on anything on the table. The object is to use all the cards in your hand. The first person to do so says "out," and everyone stops and counts the face value of the cards still in their hand. That is their score. After three rounds, the person with the lowest score wins.

Some of the instructions were unclear or at least could have been expanded on a little more, and it took some deduction on our part to figure out that everyone could play on each other's sets and runs and that you went out when your hand was empty, not when you had depleted your draw pile. Once we figured this out, we really enjoyed the game. I think this will be a favorite in our house because of the fast-paced action.

The tin says this game is for two to four players, aged 8 to adult. This is one of those rare finds where the adult will enjoy the game as much as the 8-year-old and they can even be fairly competitive. The price of $9.99 is very reasonable in my opinion, and the idea of putting the cards and directions in a small tin that will slide easily into a pocket or purse is wonderful. The cards won't get lost or bent in your purse, and you can slip them out and play while you are waiting to be served in a restaurant. This is a fun and convenient way to keep your kids entertained while you wait.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2010