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Tweaky's Bible Adventures CD/E-Book Review by Nicole Teichroeb

Betty Ward Cain
Bedford Publications
2880 Greenbriar Drive
Cleveland, TN 37312

Tweaky's Bible Adventures CD-ROM is a fun and unique E-Book on a CD-ROM that is done in the form of a slideshow. This can be shown on a computer screen, or you can use an overhead projector if you have a large group of children. This CD contains four different Bible stories: "Tweaky and Isaac," "Tweaky and Joseph," "Tweaky and Miriam," and "Tweaky and Samuel."

Tweaky is a fictional character, a hummingbird who is a friend to the child in the story, helping him to not be afraid and reminding him to do what God wants him to do.

"Tweaky and Isaac" is the story of Abraham and Isaac from Genesis 22:1-19. The story focuses on Isaac and his feelings about what is happening to him. His special friend, Tweaky the hummingbird, is there with him through it all to help him not be so afraid.

"Tweaky and Joseph" is from Genesis 27. Joseph is afraid when his brothers sell him into Egypt. Tweaky is there with Joseph to be a friend and comfort to him, and when Joseph wants to make his brothers squirm, Tweaky scolds him.

"Tweaky and Miriam" is from Exodus 1 and 2 in the Bible. Miriam is frightened when her mother makes a basket and puts her baby brother in it. When the princess pulls the basket from the water, Tweaky helps her stay calm and decide what she should do.

"Tweaky and Samuel" is taken from the story in 1 Samuel 1-3. This story focuses on Samuel and his feelings when his mother left him at the temple--how scared and alone he must have been and how he must have felt when Eli's sons teased him. Tweaky is with him through it all to help him not feel so lonely and scared.

The slideshow is a cute idea and would be wonderful for a class where there is a large group of children. Our family's personal preference is an actual book that can be held, but if that is not a big deal to you then the slideshow is a wonderful value, giving you four books for an excellent price.

Product Review by Nicole Teichroeb, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2010