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The Day the World Went Wacky / Noah's Floating Animal Park / The Not So Super Skyscraper Review by Nicole Teichroeb

By Janine Suter
Master Books
PO Box 726
Green Forest, AR 72638

This is a very nice series of books designed to teach biblical truths to children in a fun, enjoyable way. The full-color pictures are bright and cheerful. The text is done in rhyme, which of course catches a child's ear. 

The Day the World Went Wacky tells us about the bad choices that Adam and Eve made and how those choices have affected people ever since. We learn about how God created a beautiful garden and gave it to them with only one restriction, yet they chose to disobey Him anyway. Because of that disobedience, we now have sickness, pain, sadness, and death. However, at the end of the book we learn that Jesus can wash away our sins if we simply ask. 

Noah's Floating Animal Park tells about Noah's day and how sin had gotten so bad that God needed to wipe the earth clean. We are told how He found one righteous man and instructed him to build an ark to save his family and the animals. We learn how God sent the animals to the ark when the time was right and how God Himself shut the door after everyone was inside. At the end of the book, we are reminded that while God has promised to never again send another flood, the day will come when the earth will be destroyed again and that only Jesus has the power to rescue us this time. 

The Not So Super Skyscraper tells the story of the Tower of Babel. In it we learn how men decided to build a giant tower reaching up to Heaven, even though this was not what God wanted. We are told that one night God changed the languages people spoke so that they would divide up into separate groups and spread out across the earth. There is even a simple explanation given as to why different races look different even though we all are descendants of Noah's family. In the end, we are reminded that God made us, He loves us, and the only way to God is through His son Jesus. 

I thought these were very well done. I like the rhyming text a lot, but what I really liked was that the books were Biblically accurate. I also liked the way that each book ended with a reminder that God loves us and that we can be saved through Jesus. 

Product review by Nicole Teichroeb, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2010