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Sound Bytes Reading Review by Amy Osborn

By Kathy Foster

I was very much looking forward to reviewing this reading curriculum. My children have really struggled with reading, and we've all struggled to find something that will work for us. Often I've been overwhelmed with the required songs, games, and silly readers that curricula required. So I was surprised to find that Sound Bytes Reading was simply one book! When I skimmed through the book, I was struck by its simplicity. I knew this was a curriculum that would not overwhelm us! 

On the company's website,, you can preview the teacher version which I received for review. You can also download the first five reading lessons! This way you can begin working with your student right away! In addition to the teacher version, there is a parent version available, which you can preview at The parent version is created specifically for the parent, rather than a teacher in a classroom setting.

The first part of the book is Teacher Materials, focusing on understanding reading instruction and teaching reading skills. Even with my previous exposure to teaching reading, I found this section very helpful and informative! 

The second part of the book is the Student Materials: 20 units covering 6 chapters. Units include some review, introduction of new words/sounds, sentence practice, and finally a short story reinforcing the concepts of the unit. 

The third part of the book is the Supplementary Materials, including a chapter on helping students with reading problems. The supplements include posters, word lists, a spelling game, testing, and much, much more! 

I really appreciate the simplicity of this program--but even more, my children seem to appreciate it as well. No longer am I fighting with them to do their daily reading lesson. I think other families with struggling readers will appreciate this curriculum too. 

Product review by Amy Osborn, Advertising Support Manager, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2010