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Two Minute Teacher Math DVDs (Grades 1-6) Review by Amy M. O'Quinn

Two Minute Teacher, LLC
2502 Morningside Rd.
Long Lake, MN 55356

Do you find yourself ever wishing you had access to a focused instructional resource to help your child master a specific math skill or concept in just a few minutes? Do you desire an extra set of hands to hold up math flashcards when you need to be doing something else or working with another child? How about wishing a teacher would walk through your front door to help one child with math while you help another one with phonics? Your wishes can be granted in the form of Two Minute Teacher math DVDs. In fact, the slogan for Two Minute Teacher says it all--"Real Teachers, Real Lessons, Real Fast."

When I received the Two Minute Teacher math videos (one each for grades 1-6), I was excited. I am always looking for helpful resources to assist me in educating my children. In all honesty, math is not my favorite subject, so having access to short videos featuring experienced math teachers who instruct and reinforce basic concepts is ideal. My children love the videos and think they are a treat.

I like the fact that I can pinpoint certain skills that my children need to work on and have them watch and improve on those weaknesses. And there are hundreds of short video lessons to choose from on each DVD; the topics are chosen from the most important topics for each grade level. Students can play the videos over as many times as they need to for understanding and mastery. I also love the flashcard feature on each DVD. The students are motivated to give the answer before the teacher does, and it frees me up to do other things while they are doing something profitable and learning to retain basic facts.

Here is some information from the website listing the top five reasons to buy the DVDs:

1. It is always easiest to understand a problem if someone explains it to you.
2. Generation Y kids choose to absorb their information via video.
3. Less than the cost of one hour of tutoring in most parts of the country.
4. Real teachers getting right to the point. 170-450 video clips on each DVD.
5. Can be a resource for years to come.

From the creators, David and Kristin Surver, here is some additional information on how Two Minute Teacher works:

• Kids and parents can watch a two-minute video lesson with a real teacher.
• If they need more examples--the "example clip" on that topic is used.
• Practice problems for every skill are available on the homework clip.
• Grade level tests can be used to diagnose areas of weakness.
• Flashcards can be used to improve basic facts retention.
• Stumpers and fun clips are popular with kids.

Although I only received the DVDs through sixth grade, I was excited to learn that Two Minute Teacher also produces videos for Pre-Algebra and Algebra I. To see the entire list of mathematical topics covered by Two Minute Teacher DVDs, from first grade through Algebra I, you can click on the 'Topics' tab on the home page at On the website, you will also find additional information, downloadable samples, tests and keys, FAQs, and much more.

The cost for each DVD is $14.99 with free shipping. Or for a significant savings you can purchase the entire set of DVDs (first grade through Algebra I) for only $80.00 with free shipping.

Overall, I think these math DVDs are a great resource for busy homeschool families. The students will definitely benefit from the targeted instruction and extra practice that these videos offer, and parents will appreciate the extra assistance. Highly recommended.

Product review by Amy M. O'Quinn, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2010