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Kingstone Comics Review by Kim Kargbo

Various Authors
Kingstone Media Group
4420 Bay Forest Lane
Fruitland Park, FL 34731

Kingstone Media comic books are not your childhood Archie or Batman comic books! These high-quality, glossy comic books pack a different punch. The true stories told and illustrated in them are designed to teach children Biblical lessons and introduce them to heroes whom they can emulate without fear. The two books that I reviewed were Babylon Exile, the story of Daniel's capture from Israel and subsequent rise to power in Babylonian captivity, and The Last Convert of John Harper, the true story of a Titanic survivor who was brought to faith in Christ by the witness of John Harper just before he drowned. These were riveting stories of faith and heroism, stunningly illustrated in comic book format.

Other titles in the series include The Beginning, Exodus, Revelation, Elijah, Babylon Conquest, Incarnation, and Moses, among others. Kingstone Media also publishes and produces novels and movies. The price on comic books is $3.50 per title. If you have a reluctant reader, these comic books may be just the ticket to get them reading the stories of the Bible and godly characters. You could use the books to supplement your Bible reading or curriculum, or just put them out and see what happens.

As in most other comic books, the text and narrative are minimal and are written in small type, but since the books are marketed to young people, this shouldn't be a problem. (This 40-something reviewer had a hard time reading some of the print, though!) The illustrations are extremely professional and detailed. If you prefer to read Bible stories that quote directly from the Scripture, these will not be for you. There is some dramatic license taken in both the illustrating and the narrating of the stories. These comic books would appeal to a wide range of ages--from pre-readers to teens--but I think the age range that would really enjoy this product would be preteen to early teen. Boys in particular will like the action and drama in the comics.

Product review by Kim Kargbo, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine LLC, February 2010