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Record-O-Clip Review by Marisa Corless


The Record-O-Clip is a large paper clip that slightly resembles a claw clip. It has a recording device inside that allows the user to record up to 16 seconds of information. This information is played back every time the clip is opened. There is a magnet on the back to allow placing it on the refrigerator. It is available in eight colors. The inventor created this clip to remind him not to snack compulsively. The package says it can be used to "send messages to loved ones, share secrets with your locker partner at school, add warning messages to a bag of snack chips, and add personalized messages to your fridge art." A poll on the website mentions additional uses, like diet aid, support a team, and stocking stuffer.

To record a message, push the button until a beep is heard and then speak into the microphone. It seems that it records best several feet away from your mouth; speaking too loud or too close causes it to play back garbled. It is easy enough for a small child to operate. My 3-year-old thought it was great fun to record a message for her daddy. To play the message back, just open the clip. This product could be useful to anyone.

I like the idea of this product. My children love it and have been recording messages continually. This can be a problem, though, because there is no way to "lock" a message. A few times my kids have recorded over a message someone else set. Since we don't eat chips, I put this on my refrigerator to be able to "send" messages to my husband when we aren't able to cross paths due to busy schedules. Unfortunately, there is no built-in way to alert a person that there is a new message, so I have to add a piece of paper with his name on it to alert him to check the message. The most popular reason for purchase, according to the poll on the website, is as a diet aid. This would be helpful as long as a person were opening the clip while reaching for a snack. It would be difficult to use as a reminder to not open the refrigerator or get into the ice cream because that would require an additional step of opening the clip before opening the refrigerator or the freezer. Although it is an interesting idea, I am not sure I would buy the product. It is a little expensive for a chip clip and isn't quite as useful as I had hoped.

Product review by Marisa Corless, MH, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2010