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The Growler Tapes Review by Coie Igarashi

Bob Sakayama
Growler Tapes

"These are wonderful for spurring the imagination and also a good resource for developing comprehension and listening skills." -- The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

I received The Growler Tapes for review and knew from the beginning that my younger siblings would absolutely love them. They sat staring at my CD player and kept asking me to turn it up. Everybody thought it was a very fun story with great sound effects and a surprise ending. These are wonderful for spurring the imagination and are also a good resource for developing comprehension and listening skills. I would say they are a tremendous alternative to TV for a number of reasons!

"I thought it was good because I liked how they used kids to act out the story. Another thing that made it interesting was how they answered a science question in the beginning (what is the brightest thing in the sky?) and they won a trip to "HuHu Island". It was so good that I felt that I was there. The Growler Tapes are very, very interesting," said my eight-year-old sister, Ryann, (with a big grin on her face).

"I liked them because they were funny and they had funny, high voices. They were interesting because they sounded liked they inhaled helium and like they were very tiny," said Luke Suarez.

The CD lasted 25 minutes; this was just perfect timing, not too long, not too short. Although the series is designed for kids up to the age of 12, I would say 10 and under is great.

-- Product Review by: Coie Igarashi, Age 13, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Publisher's Note: This is a neat company. We have listened to a couple of their story CDs now; our kids love them! They are definitely different. Not at all "teaching tapes,"these are for enhancing the school day with imagination time. Especially super for car time, which has been the main place we use these fun story tapes. The Growler Tapes stories keep our kids quiet (until they start echoing those crazy HuHus!) and satisfied for miles! Creator/Producer Bob Sakayama is making homeschools across America extra FUN.