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Homeschool Solutions Review by Jenny Thompson

J&M Creations
PO Box 709
Minier, IL 61759

Homeschool Solutions is a fairly simple organization tool that was created just for homeschool parents. The software is easy to download to your computer, and an icon is added to your desktop for quick access. The format of this software is similar to a word processing program's database system. After downloading the program, you are ready to use it right away, with the Help file offered to you on the front screen.

Many different items can be logged into Homeschool Solutions, helping you to keep all of your records in one place. You enter the student information for each of your children and then create your school term. After going through these initial steps, you can enter additional records for each child with the click of a button. Records include attendance, courses, grades, field trips, a lesson planner, lists of books and CDs/tapes your child uses throughout the year, an address book for keeping up with homeschool contacts, a general expenses form, a form to record continuing education classes, and a place to type out goals for each student. There is even a place to keep a list of borrowed/loaned items.

The interface for this software is easy to learn, making it usable by adults as well as older children and teenagers. Most of the forms are helpful for those who struggle with keeping good records or who just want a way to keep everything together. The one form I found to be a bit lacking was the lesson planner. The space in which to type out a lesson plan is very small. I would find it difficult to document my plans in this confined space. However, you could just type a brief synopsis and then file your full lesson elsewhere.

Overall, I like the Homeschool Solutions software, but I have not found a way to use it to help make my life as a homeschooling mother any easier. I use an umbrella school that has an online system for documenting my daughter's grades and attendance, which suits us for now. As my daughter gets older, I may need a more complete method for archiving her progress. When that day comes, I will revisit Homeschool Solutions. Check out the free 30-day trial offered on the company's website to see if this program is right for you.

Product review by Jenny Thompson, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2010