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Teacher's Tape Review by Brandi Tesreau

Duraco Express
7400 W. Industrial Drive
Forest Park, IL 60130

Teacher's Tape is a removable foam tape designed specifically for classrooms, though it works just as well in a homeschool setting. It claims to work on almost every surface in schools, such as painted concrete, chalkboard, whiteboard, wood, metal, plastic and glass. It's made to hold objects securely until you take them down, without leaving sticky residue or tape scraps. This tape is not meant to be repositioned or used more than once.

I specifically reviewed the Teacher's Tape Pads, each square measuring 3/4" x 3/4" with a 1/16" width. They are the perfect size for artwork, small posters, and maps. There are 18 pads of 8 included in a resealable bag--so 144 pieces total. The cost is just $4.99.per bag, or you have the option of buying in bulk--2,000 pieces on a roll for $21.95. Featured on the website is another option as well. For banners, large posters, or other odd-shaped materials, you can purchase a continuous 35-foot roll for $12.99.

I tried the Teacher's Tape on as many different surfaces as possible in my dry, desert home, including walls, doors, plastic, faux wood, and mirrors. I am extremely happy to report that this tape is all it claims to be and more! I hung a couple of maps and letter charts in my kitchen in various places, and they all hung securely and were able to be removed without any difficulty or damage to any of the surfaces. I even used the tape to stick a Bible verse on my mirror, seriously expecting to see some tacky residue when removed. Again, no mess--the mirror was perfectly shiny and clean!

I admit that I was a little nervous about trying the tape out on my painted walls, as I have had some bad experience in the past using other supposedly "wall-friendly" adhesives. I mounted a small Hobbit poster on the dark chocolate wall in my bedroom and left it for weeks before trying to remove it. I breathed a sigh of relief when, to my sheer amazement, the paint remained on the wall with absolutely no sticky residue!

One of my pet peeves is crooked wall art. I had the idea of using this tape to correct the problem. I fixed one square to one of the bottom back corners of a picture frame in hopes of keeping it in place on the wall. Worked like a charm! Now I don't have to constantly straighten up all of the framed pictures that adorn our walls.

As the website warns, buyers do need to be aware of the fact that Teacher's Tape may not work on some surfaces. Dirty or cold surfaces may keep the tape from bonding properly. Most wallpaper tends to split when tape is adhered. Glass that is exposed to light may weaken the tape's holding power, and painted wallboard should first be tested in an inconspicuous area.

From my personal experience using the tape in my home, I would highly recommend this product and would love to eventually see it in stores.

Product review by Brandi Tesreau, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2010