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I See Cards Educational Travel Game Review by Brandi Tesreau

I See Cards

I See Cards is an educational travel game in which children can have fun while learning language and basic math. Each deck includes 50 bilingual (English/Spanish) playing cards, 3 trade any cards, and bilingual instructions. The deck comes in a small, sturdy box that can easily be kept in the car for use while running errands around town or for long road trips.

Each card features a brightly colored object, the name of the object in English and Spanish, and a number of points. The objects on the cards are places or things one might see while traveling, such as animals, signs, buildings, vehicles, and more. The number of points on each card ranges from 1 to 5.

Each player begins with 8 cards, and once an item on a card is seen (a horse, for example), the player says, "I see a horse." That card can be set down and a new one drawn. The game is over once the destination is reached or when all the cards run out. The player with the most points wins! (The website offers a link to a You Tube video that provides users with the correct pronunciations of each word in English and Spanish, for which I was very grateful!)

My children and I played this game while on a 16-hour road trip to Colorado. I purposefully gave my 4-year-old the cards picturing items that would be easiest for her to find, such as cat, dog, stop sign, gas station, fire engine, etc. To make play a little more challenging for my older boys, ages 8 and 10, I handed them cards like kayak, cemetery, mobile home, mile marker, and museum--just to name a few. This game was fun and really did help pass the time for a few hours. My daughter even likes to play the game all by herself.

I would recommend this card game, as it provides enjoyable and educational entertainment in the car. And you just can't beat the affordable price of $6.95!

Product review by Brandi Tesreau, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2010