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Two Minute Teacher: Algebra 1 Review by Kim Kargbo

Two Minute Teacher, LLC
2502 Morningside Rd.
Long Lake, MN 55356

Two Minute Teacher is a company that produces video lessons for math from Grade 1 through Algebra. The Algebra 1 DVD contains over 110 topical lessons, each one with an accompanying example video and homework video assignment. The lessons (as well as the examples and homework) are each less than 2 minutes long. You can select the lesson you want by the topic or skill set you would like to address. The videos are taught by real teachers (though you never see the teachers) using a white-board technology; the problems are written on the white board and solved step-by-step by an invisible marker that writes on the board. The lessons are easy to understand and quick, making it easy to focus on skills that need work. The example problems are solved on the video so you can see how they are done, but the homework problems are not. There are also tests included on the video, which can be printed out or watched and paused for doing on paper. The answers to the test are included in the video jacket. The website also has additional resources that go with the videos such as a teacher's manual for using the videos and a skills checklist for each year. Video flashcards, stumpers (challenging problems), and fun clips (like bloopers) are also included on the DVD. Altogether, there are over 360 2-minute lessons for Algebra 1.

This video is like having your own private math tutor, at a fraction of the cost! Professional tutors cost $20-30 per hour, and these videos cost only $14.99 for the entire year! This resource is perfect for homeschool families for whom math is an issue. It could be that mom's math skills are rusty, and trying to remember how to do some of those little-used skills is difficult, let alone knowing how to explain it to your child. Or, it could be that you have a child for whom math is just a struggle, no matter which curriculum you choose. Two Minute Teacher could be your answer.

I'm not sure there's much not to like about this math resource. It's easy to use, has multiple applications, and is reasonably priced. Ironically, on one of the first videos I watched, the teacher made an error while solving a problem, but that happens in real life too. It was not the case with the other videos I watched. One feature that would have been helpful on the DVD is a search option for finding the type of lesson you need, but I'm not sure that is even possible. A printed list of every topic is included in the case, so if you can't figure out what they called the lesson, you can scan that list to find out. I would highly recommend this DVD series (and Algebra 1 in particular) for anyone that wants extra help in math.

Product review by Kim Kargbo, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2010