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Eusebio's Dream Review by Kim Kargbo
2002 Filmore Ave., Suite #1
Erie, PA 16506

This 12-minute DVD is part of a series called "The Ultimate Resource" from Eusebio's Dream is about a man named Eusebio, who lives in the mountains of Peru. He has long dreamed to own the title to his land, rather than to have to work for the benefit of the landowners, who live well off of the profit from the work that Eusebio and his neighbors do. Eusebio and his family have never been able to make a living off of the hard labor they put into the land, until the Institute for Liberty and Democracy comes alongside to assist the people in securing titles for their land. The DVD addresses the issue of land ownership as part of the broader and more complex issue of capitalism and economic development. A study guide, consisting of a pre-viewing guide, discussion questions, a quiz, and enrichment activities, can be accessed inserting the DVD in your computer.

These videos by are outstanding resources for any classroom, home, or study group. Any age would enjoy the video and derive some benefit just from the video footage, cultural background, and story. However, the issues addressed would be more understandable to students at the middle or high school level. Because Eusebio only speaks Spanish on the video, his dialogue is subtitled, meaning that younger children would need to have that read to them when the narrator was not speaking. This video would be an excellent supplement to a cultural study, geography lesson, economics course, or just a general well-rounded education. While the video is not geared specifically to home educators, it would not need any adaptation for use in a homeschool environment or co-op.

Some families might find the price ($25.00) a bit on the high side for a 12-minute video, but the resource is valuable both in content and in the lessons included. The video is very well done, and the scenery is breathtaking. I highly recommend this product, and others in the line, to homeschooling families who want to expand the horizons of their children beyond their own culture.

Product review by Kim Kargbo, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2010