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Phonogram Fun Packet Telling Time Fun Packet Review by Christine Hindle

Beall's Learning Games

The packet I received was labeled "Beall's Learning Games Phonogram Fun "Supplement." However, on further checking this out, I realized that what I received was the full "Phonogram Fun Packet" and not the supplement, which is great! The Fun Packet contains a reversible game board, 6 Teddy Bear playing pieces, 100 chips, 1 die, Go the Row games cards (i.e., Bingo), Playing Cards: Phonograms & Spelling Rules, Reference sheets for sounds and spelling rules, and Directions for 9 Games. The supplement contains everything in this Phonogram Fun Packet except the game board and playing pieces.

There are a variety of games that can be played with the items contained in this packet. For one you use the game board and cards and advance on the game board by identifying the sounds or spelling rules on the card correctly. Another one is similar to Bingo, using the sounds to fill in the cards. There is a reproducible blank version of each of the resources so that you can make additional items if you need them. Another game awards chips for correctly identified cards. In the game "Who knows," each student is dealt 10-15 cards and then the teacher calls out the sounds. Each student lays down the card of the sound that is called out. The one to lay down all his cards first wins. There are also variations of matching/memory games. Beall's Learning Games has provided everything you need to thoroughly enjoy the process of learning phonics.

I am delighted with this resource and intend to use it on a daily basis as our phonics study commences. Having learned all the basic sounds of the letters, we are right at the place where these games will provide the learning experience we need. I recommend it to everyone starting out with a young child on the journey of learning to read. This affordable resource will prove valuable.

The Telling Time Fun Packet contains 2 Laminated Clocks (one with backing), 1 page of laminated clock hands, reproducible worksheets, 44 "Clockface" cards, 44 "Digital" cards, 2 extra blank clock cards, and 1 Crazy Egg Wild Card.

There are various game ideas offered for using the cards and the clocks mentioned above and for teaching your child to tell time. One game involves matching the digital time cards to the clockface cards. Another game involves using the cards and having the child show the time displayed on the laminated clocks. Now here is the fun part! If you have the game board from "Phonogram Fun," you can play using the cards from this set and the clocks and progress around the game board as the times on the cards are correctly shown on the clocks.

With the games and the worksheets in this packet, learning to tell time will be a cinch! I like this approach a lot better than the way I did it a few years ago. I'm ready to get started even though this isn't on my lesson plans till next year! The price is under $20, so you can't go wrong adding this resource to your homeschool bag of tricks.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2010