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Scripture Adventures for Christian Kids Review by Dawn Huffmaster

Scripture Adventures
6 Crathorne Lane
Bella Vista, AR 72714

Scripture Adventures are printable (PDF format) Bible study workbooks that can be used as a Bible curriculum, a supplement, or a family study, and will introduce children to the stories of Old and New Testaments as they appeared in history. The Old Testament, The Life of Christ, and Acts of the Apostles are available in your choice of the King James Version or New International Version for $19.99 each. A Christmas Adventure is an additional study that is available seasonally. Each workbook includes easy-to-follow lesson plans, memory verses, enrichment activities, crafts, and recipes that go along with what your child will be learning. Created with homeschooling families in mind, these workbooks allow younger children to enjoy having the lessons read to them and looking at the beautiful illustrations and maps, while having a parent or older sibling assist with the activities or crafts. Middle and older children will enjoy being able to create posters and other works of art and practice their handwriting and grammar skills with various writing activities, and everyone can take part in the question-and-answer activities.

Our family was able to review A Christmas Adventure, The Old Testament, and The Life of Christ. We used them as a family study to supplement our current Bible curriculum. A Christmas Adventure contains 25 lessons to use from December 1 to December 25. This workbook has many crafts and recipes along with the lessons, and we especially enjoyed making a colorful paper chain as a visual countdown to Christmas and gluing Scripture verses to it that were read when we woke each morning. We also learned about various traditions, such as the reason for putting up Christmas trees, the real St. Nicholas, and caroling. The children also had great fun learning what Christmas might have been like for pioneer children, making ginger snaps, reenacting the Nativity story with finger puppets, and making edible cookie ornaments!

As we were doing our Christmas study, we also worked in our Old Testament adventure, which covers the time from creation to the tower of Babel and the division of Israel. One of our favorite activities from this workbook was learning about the journey and arrival of Abraham and Lot in Canaan, studying the detailed maps, and then creating our own salt dough map. Once we completed our planned lessons, we moved on to The Life of Christ. This workbook covers Christ's birth and ministry and the Roman Empire. Our favorite activity was making scrolls and using them to learn the books of the New Testament and quiz each other. Compared to the others, this study did not contain many crafts or recipes, but it made up for it with lots of opportunities to be imaginative by writing stories and drawing pictures, as well as the extensive reinforcing of lessons with copywork, Scripture memory, and fun worksheets.

The only difficulty we encountered with the workbooks was in the navigation of the files themselves. There was a static text list of topics at the beginning of each unit in the workbook, but there was no main table of contents. I found myself having to scroll through many pages to get to the information I was looking for or wanted to print. I would love to see a comprehensive table of contents added the beginning of each workbook, as well as the ability to click on a lesson or activity in that table of contents and go right to it.

It has been difficult for me to find a multi-level Bible curriculum, but Scripture Adventures solved that problem for me. We completed all the lessons in A Christmas Adventure, but for time's sake we chose approximately 15 random lessons from the other two workbooks (270-82 pages each) to be able to give them a good review. My opinion of these workbooks is that the teaching was easy, the cost was reasonable, and the time learning together as a family was invaluable! We had so much fun learning more about the Bible, but because of the navigational issues I encountered, Scripture Adventures get a B+ from our family.

Product review by Dawn Huffmaster, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2010