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The Boy Who Wouldn't Give Up Review by Lyria Moore

Janet Clark Shay
Sable Creek Press
PO Box 12217
Glendale, AZ 85318

Audio books are a wonderful addition to any library, but even more so for homeschoolers. Children learn to use their imaginations and listen intently, which are both good qualities for them to master in their childhood.

The Boy Who Wouldn't Give Up contains five different stories of how the main character, Jacob, learns exactly what perseverance is. The first chapter tells how Jacob tries to obtain perseverance by doing the wrong thing. The second chapter tells how Jenna, Jacob's sister, learns perseverance with her Grandmother during a piano lesson. The third chapter tells how Jacob misunderstands what perseverance is while playing at the park. The fourth chapter tells how Jacob misunderstands perseverance while at the ice cream parlor. The fifth chapter tells how Jacob finally learns what perseverance is all about.

Children will be able to identify with Jacob as he tries again and again to understand what perseverance is. Even though he keeps doing the wrong thing, his continual tries at practicing perseverance are in themselves instrumental in his developing perseverance! If children are unable to pick up on this on their own, an adult will have to point it out to them.

The CD is filled with beautiful music that rounds out the enjoyment of learning the lessons. This is a wonderful addition to your library and would make a perfect bedtime story for children to listen to.

Product review by Lyria Moore, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2010