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The Family: God's Weapon for Victory Review by Heather Randall

Robert Andrews
Gospel Parenting

The Family: God's Weapon for Victory is a book that challenges Christians to follow a Biblical design for family life. Sometimes it feels like a parenting book, other times like a pre-marriage counseling manual. It covers all phases of family life and builds on a Biblical foundation.

Topics in this book include marriage, family roles, sex, purity, preparing for marriage, parenting, and leaving a legacy. It's not an easy read. I would read a section and put the book down for a while just to digest the message. It was, at times, convicting. The Biblical truths Andrews tackles are hard to swallow and even a little painful to consider. He stresses God's way with a firm resolution to follow His pattern and not the world's. I hadn't fully realized all the ways my family had bent away from God's plan until I read this book. Its matter of fact approach is jarring, but the stories of the effect of following God's plan are motivation to take the step toward something better, even if it's uncomfortable and new. Each chapter ends with discussion questions that lead to deeper evaluation of your beliefs and how they are supported or contradicted by the Word of God.

This book is very deep and rich. It's life changing. I thought that the author's argument for purity was one of the most thorough explanations I have ever heard. He addressed the Biblical reasons for purity while explaining the soul-ties that occur as a result of sex. He communicated the need for purity in a really meaningful way. I couldn't help but wish that I had read this book before marriage and again before becoming a parent.

If you don't like thought-provoking, challenging books then steer clear of this one. Also, if you are against spanking, you might disagree with the author's approach to discipline. I felt that he addressed concerns regarding spanking in a very clear way, with step-by-step rules for spanking conduct that seemed a far cry from abuse. But I realize that spanking is still a tough topic for many.

This was a very timely book for my family. Right now we are striving to follow God's path for our family life more than ever, and this book is a great tool for instructing us in it. I would recommend this book to teenagers seeking a mate, couples about to marry, newlyweds, and parents. If you're in a family and strive to follow God's model, then you will benefit from reading The Family: God's Weapon for Victory.

Product review by Heather Randall, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December 2009