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Smart Trike "Recliner" Review by Gena Suarez


What is one very useful invention that every mom blessed with a baby uses? (Disposable diapers don't count!) A stroller! No doubt it gets some heavy use by the time a child turns 3, if it even lasts that long. There is one particularly innovative product available that any parent of a baby or toddler will adore, and it is sure to be enjoyed for years. It actually "grows" with your baby!

The Smart Trike Recliner is more than "smart." It's a sturdy four-in-one carriage/vehicle that stays with your child from 6 months to age 3 as it converts through four different stages. (If you have older kids, they'll be intrigued by it too!)

  • First, it can be used as an almost typical stroller with a recliner seat--for a comfortable naptime or push along ride for babies aged 6 months and up. The only "negative" we found was in the steering. The steering mechanism is inadequate, which makes the process of steering the stroller somewhat awkward. Even with that, it's not uncomfortable or a serious problem at all; this is minor, and really, it's the only issue we could find with the product.
  • Second, a child 10 months and older rides the trike with parent pushing and in control--used with the special fold-down footrest and the recliner seat in an upright position.
  • Third, your child rides as you push him along on his trike, or alternatively, a child over 15 months who can reach the pedals can assist the ride (with an adjustment of the clutch).
  • Fourth, your child (aged 2 and up) can ride his "tricycle" independently. What fun!

I was impressed with this clever product--a lightweight, high-quality metal trike with sturdy and durable pieces and ease of assembly. My husband and 13-year-old daughter had no problem putting it together, and it goes back and forth from trike to stroller quite easily! Our two-year-old was ecstatic when she realized what was going on and that this was for her. She has only just turned two, so she cannot really work the pedals yet, but give it a few months and she'll be tearing around the front patio with it. For now, we keep it in the house and she "rides" it--often with a sibling behind her, gently pushing. We have also used it as a stroller, and she loved it. It's comfortable for her, plus to her it's more of a ride instead of just being in a boring stroller--she knows she is on her trike. Look at the design--it's a handsome (or adorable) ride for a youngster.

The trike has important safety features too. The multi-position adjustable steering handle allows parents to maintain control. Releasing the clutch allows the child to take control, and he's riding on his own. The trike includes a washable seat cover and a functional bag and carry-on storage space (think diaper bag/shopping), seat belt and safety bar, double footrest, foot brake, non-slip pedals, and more. The model we got was the striking red and gray one, but it also comes in blue. The Smart Trike "Recliner" has a MSRP of $174.95, and it seems like a great buy that will provide some serious but fun use for both child and parent.

The Smart Trike "Recliner" has won many awards. It was winner of the "Toy Innovation" Award in the Fun + Sport category, the "Right Start Award Overall Winner" in the 0-3 category, and the "Gold Award" winner in the Sit n Ride category. And it was most certainly a winner in my family! We love this product and would highly recommend it. Ten stars!

Product review by Gena Suarez, Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2010