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My Alphabet and Number Pictures Review by Christine Hindle

By Diane Hurst
Gentle Shepherd
8607 N.E. Mason Drive
Vancouver, WA 98662

The downloadable (PDF) e-book contains 82 printable activity pages and some instructional information for teaching the basics using art activities and penmanship practice. This is intended for Grades K-2.

There were two pages for each letter and each number. For example, one of the A pages had a capital A with three lines after it for copying the letter. Then there was a lowercase a with three lines after it. Underneath that, taking up the rest of the page, were two boxes. Under one it said, "Make a capital A," and under the other it said "Make a small a." The top of the next page says, "Make a picture that has these things: an apple, an ant." An empty box takes up the rest of the page. All the letter pages are like this. The number 1 page has six dotted-line number ones across the top, with a box filling the middle of the page. Under the box it says, "Make a big number one." The top of the next page says, "Make a picture of one house," followed by a big box that takes up the rest of the page.

I found this book had fewer new ideas than the other e-books I reviewed from this company. This might be useful as part of a set of preschool curriculum sources; however, I probably would not have spent the $6 to purchase it on my own.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2009