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Adorable Kinders Rag Doll Review by Kate Kessler

Granza, Inc.
380 W. State Road 434; P.O. Box 195096
Winter Springs, FL 32719
(608) 767-1102

Adorable Kinders Rag Doll is one of the nicest discoveries I have had the privilege of examining for review. When I first heard the term "Rag Doll" I associated it with a floppy fabric doll without much distinction. This is not at all what this beautiful heirloom doll represents! This is skillfully crafted, soft and cuddly, and absolutely darling. The "soft-dolls," also known as "true rag dolls," are completely covered in fabric and the whole body is stuffed full to give your child a solid huggable doll that feels like a real little person. They are completely safe and non-toxic.

The 18" "Mari" doll that we received had long brown hair made of soft yarn and firmly attached to the head. She came with a bright red dress, white sox, red shoes, a hair barrette, and white underwear. All are removable and completely washable. What is more, the doll is washable too! Because the dolls are solidly filled and designed differently than other "on-the-market" 18" dolls, they might not necessarily fit other 18" doll clothing. Adorable Kinders solves this problem by offering other clothing outfits for purchase separately for reasonable prices.

Also included with the doll is an internet key-code that you can use to unlock an online "Adorable Kinders eSchool." If this is of interest to you, your child can play educational learning games geared for preschool as well as grades K-6.

Each of their dolls has been designed to correspond to a different letter and is "given" a different personality. For example, 'M' is for Mari and her qualities are "dreamer, carefree." Truth be told, I don't pay much attention to those kinds of things as my children decide the names of their dolls and give them the characteristics they wish them to have, but other families may really appreciate this aspect of the dolls for teaching purposes or whatnot.

There is a lot of talk on homeschooling internet boards about the appropriate age for certain popular (and expensive) 18" dolls. Adorable Kinders dolls are perfect for younger children as they are made to endure much "love and affection" from little ones yet they can be given to older children to enjoy as well. My seven year-old is currently enjoying her "Mari" and I don't have to worry that her hair will fall out or shred to pieces if my daughter tries to brush it. At $59.99 she is a good $35.00 *less* than other dolls of this size and she is sewn together to last.

Because her face is painted on, there are no buttons or glass eyes to fall off and lose. Adorable Kinders are made from 100% non-allergenic polyester and are safe for children ages 2 and up. The dolls come in both boy and girl styles and in a variety of body and hair colors as well as clothing choices. This is a wonderful find.

Product review by Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Manager, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, December, 2009