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Has anyone checked out or recently? We have been using these almost EXCLUSIVELY for the last two years, and they just can't be beat! The price is right - FREE - and the only thing that will cost is toner! Not only that, but they sure are easier on the wallet than those leather day timers I have stacked up in my briefcase gathering dust - you just print the size that suits you and they insert into whatever you want!

These are the best attendance sheets, report cards, calendars, daily logs, weekly logs, lesson plans, awards and certificates that we've seen (for you free spirits - they've got some things for you too, all blank ones for you to fill in how you feel the spirit move!), and we have gone to the school supply stores over time and spent lots of dead Presidents! We all know that Ms. I am Homeschool Cool can do anything, but why not do it EASIER this time? Don't those cramps in your hands just melt away with the very thought?

PSSST - please don't admit anything to the kids or the men, but I hear a quiet rumor there are chores charts to divvy up the housework, awards for chores well done, household charts, and some blank worksheet charts. Don't want to whisper too loudly, but dare I say - there are even Christmas gift lists, make 'em at home ideas, gift tags, Christmas card lists, craft ideas and cards, baked goods and freezer lists, decorating plans, and even SECRET places to hide all these goodies! OK, don't think that'll work? When was the last time your husband delved into the automobile warranty manual IN YOUR FRIEND'S garage? You don't have to go that far, but rest my case, I do. Now y'all are listening, aren't ya?

Best thing yet, is these charts have BACKWARDS plan sheets!

Now that's "homeschool cool" in my book!

-- Product review by: Karen Houston, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine