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Tales of Wordishure Review by Susan K. Marlow

By Mick McArt
Mick Art Productions
419 S. Adams
Saginaw, MI 48604

Tales of Wordishure is a delightful, 100-page book of Christian bedtime stories. Told with the flavor of the old Beatrix Potter stories, the stories blend human and animal characters together to tell seven allegorical stories from the imaginative land of Wordishure. Each story sends different characters off on mini-adventures of discovery, quests, or in service to others. As a nice way of tying things together, the last story brings all the characters together for a final adventure involving church mice and a cracked church bell.

Tales of Wordishure is meant as a read-aloud for children ages four or five and up. Older children can easily read the stories themselves. The 5" x 8" paperback book has black and white illustrations by the author sprinkled throughout, which add to the reading experience. Each story also includes a Scripture verse at the beginning of each adventure. And each story has a definite message.

In this bedtime storybook, readers will enter a world of princesses and talking trees, hat-eating dragons, treasure maps, and talking creatures with clever names. For example, readers meet a sock weasel by the name of Argyle, who hoards piles and piles of smelly socks. Or the Chatterbugs, who "talk more than the Yakkity Yaks that graze over on Prattler's Field." There's even a tree fort, where animals and children can become "Tree Scouts." The author's plays on words are great fun.

Readers can go to the author's website to read a free sample story ("The Button Doll of Wordishure"), click over to a book trailer, and even become a fan on Facebook. The author's website is colorful and interesting.

Throughout the book a Christian, biblical worldview is emphasized and held in high esteem. My only question arose when I read about the animals asking Jesus for forgiveness from their sins. However, in fantasy and fairy tales, a lot of latitude can be given for the sake of story and message. And the message of Tales of Wordishure is clear: God's Word is sure.

Product review by Susan K. Marlow, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2009