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Growing in Wisdom and Stature Review by Teri Lucas

Transcript Pro and Transcript Boot Camp from Education +Plus
2 Cobblestone Road
Greenville, SC 29615

Editor Note: This review was done many years ago. Please see their website for updated product information and pricing.

"Growing in Wisdom and Stature is truly what it implies. It is well worth the investment." -- The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Growing in Wisdom and Stature by Mrs. Inge Pohl Cannon from Education +Plus is one of the most complete and informative tape series on child development and learning that I have heard thus far. There are 3 volumes in the series covering the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual growth of a child from toddler into adulthood. Parents, teachers, and homeschoolers alike can benefit tremendously by Mrs. Cannon's teaching, insight, and suggestions. Mrs. Cannon has 15 years of teaching experience from daycare through graduate school, in addition to 15+ years of educational administration, curriculum development, and legislative analysis. All of this pales in comparison, however, to her commitment to build in children an attitude of love and service to our Lord! Growing in Wisdom and Stature will not only help you to understand and teach your children better, but will strengthen your relationship with them as well.

Volume I of Growing in Wisdom and Stature covers years 2 through 5 (Toddlers and Preschoolers). Volume II covers the years 9 - 11 (Primary and Intermediate Years) with volume III covering the years 11-24 (Adolescents, Teenagers and Young Adults). Each volume will help you to understand and direct your child's growth not based on someone's scope and sequence, rather on the individual development and stage of your own child. Included are specific suggestions for enhancing motivation, providing discipline, strengthening faith, molding character, and the building of leadership qualities. There is also a brief outline in paper form of the characteristics for each age group, which are covered in depth on the tapes.

Each Volume may be purchased separately as follows: Volume I $13, Volume II $13, and Volume III $17. You may also purchase the entire set of all 3 volumes for $39. I would recommend purchasing two volumes if your child falls at an age moving into the next stage, as Mrs. Cannon so aptly points out that each child's development is uniquely his or her own. I have a 5 1/2 year-old and I found characteristics from both the preschool and primary groups in my child. Growing in Wisdom and Stature is truly what it implies. It is well worth the investment. Your child can and will grow in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with both God and man.

Transcript Pro newly offered from Education +Plus is the Premier Home School Transcript Generator designed by Mrs. Inge Pohl Cannon. The software is created specifically with the busy parent in mind. A built in Carnegie Unit calculator assigns credits and the GPA calculator totals a running grade point average. Academic history can be arranged in a traditional chronological format or alternately, by subject matter. There are additional formats available for the entry of test scores and extracurricular activities or pursuits. When completed Transcript Pro will audit your report and make suggestions for any additions which may compliment your student's transcript.

Transcript Pro is licensed for individual family use therefore Education +Plus will assign you a password. Setup took about 2 minutes and the assignment of my password was quick and easy. Mrs. Cannon is very helpful and pleasant by phone. Email turn around is quick. I found Transcript Pro to be extremely easy to use. If you need additional help there are convenient "help" buttons and "professional tips" within the screens. You must, however, print your document if you wish to proofread your work. System Requirements: windows 95 or higher, 16MB of RAM, VGA or higher monitor, and 10MB free disk space. This program retails for $49.

Education +Plus offers a Transcript Boot Camp which is a special training seminar for parents of Home-Schooled Jr./Sr. High Students. It is a one day/7 hour camp with a 90 minute lunch break and two one-half hour breaks. Session I covers diplomas, accreditation, graduation, forms & format, and academic history. Session II includes grades and Carnegie Units. Session III addresses extracurricular activities, academic double headers (I would attend just to find out what they are!), class rank, and grade point averages. Session IV accounts for test scores, privileged information, vital attachments, portfolios, and resumes!

There were 7 dates scheduled for 2003 Transcript Boot Camps in TX, LA, FL, SC, PA, MD, and MO in the brochure which I received. The cost is $59 per person with a $10 discount with pre-registration by the deadline date. Spouses or children may attend for just $10 per person. In addition to the seminar, you receive a Mentoring your Teen binder that includes 2 chapters of notes and 2 audiocassettes of the material covered in the seminar. The remaining 4 modules of Education +Plus Mentoring Your Teens series are offered at a discounted cost to all attendees. Mrs. Cannon invited me to attend the seminar in PA as her guest, but unfortunately I am unable to attend. Education +Plus offers a great selection of materials in addition to the aforementioned products, please call and request a catalog. You will be blessed.

-- Product Review by: Teri Lucas, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine