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Echoes from the Edge Series: Beyond the Reflection's Edge / Eternity's Edge / Nightmare's Edge Review by Christy Sensenig

By Bryan Davis
5300 Patterson Ave. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49530

Echoes from the Edge is a fiction series with an emphasis on fantasy and inspiration. Beyond the Reflection's Edge is the first book in this series. The main character is Nathan Shepard, a sixteen-year-old who is living a normal life with many rich experiences until his parents are found murdered. All that is left behind is a mirror and notes from his father's case. Nathan is being followed by the killers, who want the mirror as well. In the next installment, Eternity's Edge, the story continues as Nathan comes to the realization that not only is he trying to keep himself and others close to him from being killed, he needs to save the world. Fantasy elements are prevalent in this story; for instance, the night sky transforms into a giant mirror. Nathan and others must use the wisdom and courage that are given to them by God as they battle for the three worlds that are on the brink of destruction. The third and last installment, Nightmare's Edge, keeps the reader in suspense. A mysterious man holds the secret to saving the three worlds, but he is trapped and requires saving himself. Nathan takes on the task of finding and saving this man to reverse the apparent collision of the three worlds.

This series is written with teens in mind, and the author uses fantasy to command the reader's attention. It can be used for independent reading, or you can read it together as a family. It really depends on your interest and your teen's interest in the fantasy genre.

This series was written by a very imaginative author. Some elements of the story were hard to grasp because of the expressive nature of fantasy. It was a bit difficult to read at times. But as I read on, I was entertained by the storyline. My sixteen-year-old son read the series as well and had the same experience.

If you or your teens enjoy reading fantasy, you may want to give this series a try. The overall theme is using God-given gifts to fight against evil and achieve victory.

Product review by Christy Sensenig, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2009