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A-Z Kind Kids Care Review by Camilla Anderson

Joy Marie Dunlap
LightHome Publications

This downloadable e-book is a penmanship workbook for grades 1-3. It uses alphabetical examples of good behavior for kids to copy. Each lesson also includes a short, corresponding Bible verse to copy. Once you purchase the book, you are able to download it as an Adobe PDF file. To open the file you must have Acrobat Reader, a free program easily downloaded from the Internet. After purchasing the e-book, you may use it for as many children in your family as necessary.

Each page of this book, starting alphabetically with the letter "A," has a short statement using that letter to give an example of good behavior. For example, the "A" page has the following copywork: Anna will ask if she is allowed to have an apple. The corresponding Scripture verse is, "You shall not steal." Deuteronomy 5:19 The "W" page reads, Will always waits without whining while others have their turns. The corresponding verse is, "Let no one seek his own good but that of his neighbor." I Corinthians 10:24.

As with all the LightHome Publications products I have seen, the graphics are wonderful, and the pages are beautifully designed. The fonts used for the copy work are standard manuscript printing letters. The writing lines are clear and of a size that develops neatness and control. The length of each lesson is appropriate. There are one or more lovely black and white pictures on each page that could be colored, if you choose. This is a wonderful penmanship book.

And it gets better! This company makes 21 different penmanship workbooks in many more subjects and grade levels. You will find penmanship books with prose, hymns, Scripture verses, famous quotes, and more--all with beautiful illustrations and pretty pages. Visit the website and download sample pages to see for yourself how delightful these books are. LightHome Publications makes, in my opinion, the finest penmanship products I have ever seen. At the time of this review, this specific book was on sale on the LightHome website for $4.40 (regularly priced $10.70). At either price, I feel this book is an excellent value. Ever since I discovered LightHome Publications penmanship books, they have been the only penmanship books we use.

Product review by Camilla Anderson, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2009