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Our Covenant with Kids Review by Charlotte Gochnauer

By Dr. Timothy A. Sisemore
Christian Focus Publication
522 Princeton Road
Johnson City, TN 37601

In this book, Dr. Timothy Sisemore teaches parents how to raise their children in a hostile world, answers many questions about child training, and encourages parents to look to the Scriptures as their guide. He begins the book by examining doctrine and the foundations of our faith. He shows how humanism and worldliness have clouded our view of children and the role of parents. He then examines the teachings of the Bible that relate to children and gives strategies that enable parents to minister to their children.

Dr. Sisemore is forward yet gracious as he tests many theories against Scripture and takes an honest look at where child training is today. There are chapters on education, the sacraments, children in the church, and the redemption of our children. A chapter at the end of the book lists practical things your family can do to change how you parent. Family worship, church involvement, and behavior management are just a few of the improvements he suggests.

This book encouraged me as a parent, giving me a solid biblical foundation for my parenting. It does challenge readers to examine their faith and how it affects the way they raise their children. This book is written from a reformed doctrinal perspective, so the author discusses such subjects as the doctrine of original sin, infant baptism, and predestination. The author's dogmatic assertions could offend someone who disagrees with him theologically. But the practical ideas he gives to parents are helpful and definitely applicable to any Christian parent.

Product review by Charlotte Gochnauer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC June 2009