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King Arthur and His Knights Review by Tammy Walker

By Maude Radford Warren
Yesterday's Classics
(919) 357-8824
PO Box 3418
Chapel Hill, NC 27515

Once you have discovered Yesterday's Classics, you have discovered a bounty of quality literature for your children. Though bookstores offer many choices when searching for works on Arthurian legend, you will not be disappointed in choosing this delightful compilation of tales by Yesterday's Classics. Written for children nine and older, the stories are simplistic yet very well written.

In this text, you will find 21 stories, many well known, others a bit more surprising. Besides the tales of how Arthur became King, his acquisition of Excalibur, his marriage to Princess Guinevere, and his ultimate death, you will discover artfully told tales about Sir Gareth, Sir Ivaine, Sir Balin, Sir Geraint, Sir Accalon, Sir Lancelot, and others. You and your children will be drawn into the stories of bravery and honor as the author successfully builds suspense and creates an air of adventure and excitement.

Each knight longs for adventure and to prove himself valiant, and each is given his opportunity. Discover how each came to the Round Table, and the quest that proved (or disproved) his worthiness. Discover the qualities of loyalty, courage, humility, and others which pointed to the successful adventurers. Fickleness, poor judgment, and haughtiness marked those with less success. Ultimately, you will be shown that deep Christian virtue and character are qualities worth striving towards, as these are what make a man truly strong. What wonderful lessons to teach our little men!

I plan to use this text for my Middle Ages history cycle next year as a read aloud. I am certain my seven year old "little man" will greatly enjoy the jousts, battles, and rescues; my "little princesses" will hear stories of men of honor protecting and serving the "damsels" within their care. All will hear quality literature with a quality message. This is really a wonderful little find. (See also a pronunciation guide as well as useful suggestions for teachers in the appendix).

Product Review by Tammy Walker, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April, 2009