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Hands-On History Activity Pak: The New Testament Review by Heather Jackowitz

Amy Pak
Home School in the Woods
(585) 964-8188
3997 Roosevelt Highway
Holley, NY 14470

If you are looking for a fun way to introduce your children to the people, stories, and message of the New Testament, then consider the Hands-On History Activity Pak: The New Testament from Home School in the Woods. Beginning with the birth of Jesus, this wonderful Activity Pak will take you through the beginnings of the Christian Church. PDF files for fifteen lap-booking projects are included, along with clear and detailed instructions and a photo gallery of all the projects. This Activity Pak does not included lesson text; use it to supplement your own personal Bible study or reading. All Scripture verses used in the projects are in the New King James Version.

To complete the projects and assemble the lap book, you will need a photocopy machine, white and colored paper, glue sticks, regular and double-sided tape, colored pencils, scissors, a hole punch, paper fasteners (brads), a stapler, an exacto knife, velcro, white and colored cardstock, clear packing tape, two wooden dowels, a ribbon, parchment paper, and a colored file folder.

The fifteen lap book projects are as follows:

A booklet of the lineage of Jesus Christ from David
A three-paneled book of the birth of Jesus Christ
A loaves-and-fishes book showing the miracles of Jesus
A pie-fold book containing the Beatitudes
A Fruit of the Spirit basket with removable fruits
A Parables of Jesus book to read and illustrate
The Last Supper booklet
The Crucifixion pull-tab booklet
The Resurrection flip-tab booklet
The Ascension pull-tab booklet
Pentecost pull-tab booklet
Fulfilled Old Testament Prophesies booklet
The Twelve Disciples mini-books with timeline figures
An accordion-fold booklet of maps of Paul's missionary journeys
Postcards from Paul to fill out and put into a mailbox

In addition to these fifteen lap book projects, the CD-ROM includes two extra projects, a "New Testament News" project and an "Armor of God" poster project. The newspaper project includes headlines for 21 articles and 11 advertisements, and includes room for illustrations. Your child writes the stories and designs the advertisements. An example headline reads, "Trouble at the Temple! Jesus of Nazareth tips over tables!" An advertisement heading reads: "Miriam's Mourning Service: Professional Mourners for All Sad Occasions." Roll up the finished newspaper as a scroll using two wooden dowels. The "Armor of God" poster can be personalized with your child's face and dressed up each day by attaching the armor pieces with velcro to help your child learn Ephesians 6:10-17.

Home School in the Woods has done it again! This Activity Pak is fun, and the finished lap book is beautiful. Amy Pak's drawings are so professional and detailed that even older children will enjoy working on these projects. Younger children will probably need help cutting and assembling the projects, because the designs are so detailed. A child who does not like to sit still to color, cut, and glue might not enjoy the projects, so be sensitive to your child's learning style. With my four active boys, I have found that it works best to do projects together rather than individually, so we usually make only one lap book. This also cuts down on cost, because it does add up printing so many master pages for each child.

Permission to reproduce these materials is granted only for individual family use. Contact Home School in the Woods for co-op pricing.

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Product Review by Heather Jackowitz, Senior Product Reviewer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May, 2009