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Homestead Simplicity: Natural Clean Review by Amy Christy

Lisa Barthuly
Homestead Originals

We all know that "natural" is better and homemade is best, but it is especially so when it comes to cleaning products for our home. Due to my own chemical sensitivity and allergies in my children, I have been making cleaning products for a while now. There truly is an art to it, and I only wish I had found this lovely guide sooner! Lisa Barthuly, owner of Homestead Originals, has taken the time to gather her "receipts" (the old fashioned way to say "recipes") and share her wisdom and methods for natural cleaning. What a blessing!

Beginning with the "whys" of natural cleaning and some alarming statistics, she explains the reasons for making your own products. With just a few inexpensive ingredients in your "Natural Clean Starter Kit," you will be well on your way to eliminating harmful chemicals from your home and protecting your family as well as the environment. Many of these ingredients are so basic that you probably have them already, but this e-book will give you a detailed shopping list of what you'll need.

Next, Lisa takes us from room to room on the homestead, sharing the "receipts" for your kitchen, bath, and laundry. Among others, you'll learn to make glass cleaner, dishwashing liquids, oven cleaner, and all-purpose spray. In the bath, you can use homemade shower cleaner and toilet scrub and even make a "shaker" for your scrubbing cleanser. That's just one of the many clever ideas in this e-book! For the laundry, there are soap and fabric softener recipes and even a stain-removal guide. Each recipe contains easy-to-follow instructions.

Natural cleaning is not only for the house but "all around the homestead" as well. You'll learn about natural pest control methods, weed killer, cleaners for the car, and how to prevent your garden tools from rusting. Being naturally clean is for the body too, and dye-free and chemical-free is the healthiest way. The section on bath and body products is a wonderful addition. You'll read what you need to make your own toothpaste, "Chamomile Skin Toner," and the yummy sounding "Oatmeal, Cream and Honey Facial Mask," just to name a few. There are soothing recipes for herbal baths, cures for achy feet, perfumed powders, and herbal pillows and sachets. You can even make "Soothing Aftershave" and "The Toughest Homemade Hand Cleaner" (which works very well, I might add) for the "men folk" in your life!

This e-book is very well put together with beautiful color photos and graphics. Not only does it contain many wonderful frugal recipes within its 45 pages, but it also has practical tips and information about herbs and essential oils and their uses. You can tell that the author has a love for helping other homekeepers and has put a lot of heart into this book. She has even included adorable recipe cards. This would be perfect to give to a new bride or to print and store in a home management binder. It's a gem for any family. Priced at just $9.95, this e-book will save you money in the long run. It is definitely a must for those who desire to make their life clean "naturally."

Product review by Amy Christy, Marketing Assistant--Special Projects Team, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2009