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Ultimate Phonics Reading Program Review by Christine Field
7770 Regents Road
Suite 113 PMB 622
San Diego, CA 92122 USA
1 (858) 455-9818

Imagine a complete, phonics based reading program in a single CD! Designed for ages four to adult, The Ultimate Phonics Reading Program takes you through 262 lessons of intensive phonics. The student can click on each letter of each word or sound and the computer 'reads' the word and shows the student how to blend the sounds. Over 4400 words are sounded out and over 2000 sentences are contained within the lessons.

Each lesson begins with a word list. You can print the list to use later when the computer is turned off. From there, each lesson introduces a new sound or rule and progresses through the list of words, sequentially and systematically laying the foundation for a lifetime of reading.

This program can be used for a beginning reader or a struggling learner. It can be used as your primary reading program or to supplement other programs you may be using. At a price of $69.95, you could teach all your children to read with this one resource! The pages from the CD are printable and are the same text as that of the accompanying spiral book of words and sentences.

A certified teacher/homeschooling dad will also e-mail answers to your questions about using Ultimate Phonics with your child.

This is nicely done. With some good appropriate reading level books from the library, you're all set!

Product Review by: Christine Field, Senior Correspondent, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine