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Debt Free College- We Did It! Review by Kendra Fletcher

Lynn Lusby Pratt
11745 Olympia Way, Apt 226
Cincinnati, OH 45240

Even in the brightest of economic times, college can be prohibitively expensive. I remember watching friends emerge from graduate school hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, still paying it all off 15 years later.

Although we all want our children to have the freedom to do exactly what God has called them to do, many of us wonder how in the world we'll pay for them to get the degree they may need. It seems impossible to get a four-year degree from a traditional brick and mortar college without taken on massive amounts of debt.

But it isn't, and Lynn Lusby Pratt can tell you just how her three children and two nieces did so themselves by trusting in the one thing that can make it all possible: God, of course!

From the first page, Debt Free College- We Did It! is immanently readable. Lynn Lusby Pratt's easy-going conversational style is unintimidating for the student to read and great fodder for discussion as families navigate the possibilities of higher education without the high price tag. I felt as if Mrs. Pratt was my own personal cheerleader, encouraging with Scripture and reminding me that if college is part of God's plan for my students, then He will make a way. Lots of work involved, for certain, but entirely doable.

In addition to the personal stories of the five college students profiled in the book, Mrs. Pratt includes a chapter just for the high school students. She gives perspective where perhaps there might not be any (ie, "What's wrong with a little credit card debt?"), practical steps for making good choices (Is buying a latte every day a good investment?), and scholarship information (apply for them all!)

Debt Free College- We Did It! is a simple read, easily consumed in a weekend, but if you are needing confidence and encouragement that pursuing college without incurring debt can be possible, then a quick read through Debt Free College- We Did It! may be just the thing.

Product Review by: Kendra Fletcher, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April, 2009