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Amazing Bible Timeline Review by Rebecca Huff

Bill and Margaret Agard
bible time line
877-966-7300 or 360-305-6745
PO Box 66
Duck, WV 25063

The Amazing Bible Timeline is a 37 x 45 varnished heavy weight poster that begins with Adam and going in a circle continues through the year 2000. Since putting the Amazing Bible Timeline on our living room wall, discussion about historic events and Bible facts have become an everyday occurrence! Visitors to our home stare at it, read it and touch it. All are fascinated by it!

What's Amazing about a Bible Timeline? Well, to fit all this information on a straight timeline would take around 15-20 feet, but with a compact circular format it all fits neatly on this beautiful poster! Everything about the poster makes it effortless to understand. Adam is at the top of the poster, and Christ's birth divides the circle in half so when you face the chart, the years up to Christ's life (B.C.) are on the right and the years after Christ lived until 2000 (A.D) are on the left.

As you move around the circle you will notice a color coding. Such as after the flood, Shem's family line is yellow, Ham's family line is blue and Japeth's is pink. Arrow lines connect the offspring with parents, so Shem, Ham and Japeth are connected to Noah this way. The length of lines also shows the lifespan of people, so you can easily see that Noah lived 950 years, with scripture references included.

Century lines flowing from the center of the circle to the outer edge allow you to see events that were taking place in different parts of the world at the same time. Horizontal lines denote centuries. Being able to observe history all at the same time helps to join relationships between people and events, furthering our knowledge of history and religion. In a way, it is like looking at your own genealogy chart! Seeing the lives of Bible characters on the chart just brings them to life somehow.

If you need to know about a particular person or event in the Bible but aren't sure when it happened you can use the alphabetical index that is in the lower right corner of the chart to find out! It is kind of like a map with index points which help you go to the right grid to find the information you are looking for. In the top left corner is information explaining facts about the chart and how to use it.

Using the Amazing Bible Timeline can help you to understand the Bible better and will bring history to life for students and adults! The chart works great for personal home study, Bible school classes and history classes. Best of all, it is based on dates only and contains no doctrine whatsoever. Dates are based on Ushers's Table which are widely accepted and included in both the King James Bible as well as the Catholic Bibles. I am thrilled with the chart and believe it will be a valuable tool that our family uses for years to come.

To see a small section of the chart you can visit the website at where you can also purchase the timeline. Because you cannot see the entire chart online (it would take to long to download and be too small) the Agards have a 30 day money back guarantee. Their website also has much more information about the original chart being compiled in 1931, updated in 1975, and again in 2000 as well where and how the world history dates were compiled.

Product Review by Rebecca Huff, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2009