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Silly Willy Workout CD: A Fitness Program for Ages 2-10 Review by Jennifer Loucks and Whitney Dunahee

Educational Activities, Inc.
P.O. Box 87
Baldwin, NY 11510

I'm always looking for ways to implement fitness activities at home. I'm so glad I found this fun and easy-to-use fitness CD for little ones. It's a set of songs with movements and motions; turn it on, and everyone will be bopping along! The songs include warm-up time, several active songs, and a cool-down song. The lyrics tell you what to do, with songs that include deep breathing, marching and "playing instruments," riding ponies, hopping, and bean bag games. The creators suggest going through the songs a second time and singing along, stretching or doing exercises such as crab walk, curl-ups, or push-ups (no instructions for these are given though).

What ages is this designed for? They suggest ages 2-10. I agree with that recommendation. It was created by a certified fitness instructor, and I found the activities to be age-appropriate both in "fun level" and fitness level. My three and nine-year-old girls used it together and had a ball. It would be especially fun for a group, like a co-op or play group. How about taking it to the park or grandma's house, or asking the babysitter to do it with the kids? And of course, it's a perfect "back pocket" activity for rainy days. It's definitely more fun if you participate with the kids, not to mention the workout you'd get! If you're looking for a new way to get your kids moving, I recommend you try this program.

Product review by Jennifer Loucks, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2009

Another review:

The Silly Willy Workout is a 39-minute CD with energetic workout music. Upbeat music encourages kids to get up and move while having a great time. Tracks include fun songs such as “Silly Willy Wiggle,” “Fun to Be Fit,” and “Calypso Caboose.” There are two tracks for each song. One track has the music and narration to guide children's movements. The second track for each song has music with vocals but no narration. This allows the parent or teacher to give narrative instructions of his or her own if desired.

The routine includes warm-up, stretches, high-energy activity, and cool down. Lyrics are made available inside the CD jacket.

I put this on for my 7-, 4-, and 1-year-old daughters. They had a fantastic time dancing around the living room. The catchy lyrics and energetic music held their interest. Since that first time, they have requested the Silly Willy Workout several more times.

This CD is a great way to get kids moving. It is especially perfect for those days when weather does not permit outdoor play. The music is pleasant. I did not find it annoying, even after multiple times through.

The fitness program targets ages 2–10 years. I do think many 9- and 10-year-olds will find it a bit too young. However, for babies through about age 8, it is an excellent choice for physical education or simply for fun.

Product Review by Whitney Dunahee, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2010