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Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class for Kids - Volume 1 Review by Nancy King

11664 National Blvd., #275
Los Angeles, CA 90064


The Jean Welles Worship Guitar DVD's come with 4 DVD's, Volumes 1-4 and 4 Books, Volumes 1-4. All the books and DVD's are English and Spanish versions. Inside each DVD set are booklets with all the music in them. We also have the Worship Guitar Class for Kids and a DVD is included in the back of the book.

Each DVD comes with a lesson plan inside the case. These plans are in English and Spanish, thereby, creating a broader interest in more than just one language. The lesson plans instruct the student to watch a lesson first, then watch and play along with the Practice Session for that lesson in the DVD. The four DVD's have a total of 28 worship songs. The running time of all the videos varies from 63 minutes to 91 minutes. On the back cover of the videos there are lists of songs on each one and a recap of what is to be practiced in the particular video. The books that come enclosed in the DVD's are exact copies of the larger size books, but these books are smaller making it easier to carry them along with the student for use other than at home.

Mrs. Welles takes extra care in providing lessons for persons who might need to know how to hold the guitar with the left hand and not just the right-handed student. I can truly appreciate that since I am left-handed. I also love that she includes in each lesson book scriptural reference that could be related to the song being practiced. One of the things that is very impressive that I don't feel would be included in a paid, personal instructor would be the Tip that is included below:

"You can make this song very personal by humming the melody and filling in the objects to what's current in your life. For example, "Lord you are more precious than my job;" "Lord you are more costly than any relationship;" or "Lord, you are more beautiful than diamonds." This tip went with the song, More Precious than Silver. Each song on the DVD and in the book has a scriptural reference to it.

These sets are something I have wanted to purchase for a very long time. I kept downloading the freebie version online and always wanted to have more. Then my daughter got a guitar for Christmas last year and we knew we would have to break down and get her some lessons somehow. We had a real problem finding someone in our area to give her lessons. All the books are very clear and precise in the instructions and if we missed anything in the book, it's pointed out on the DVD's, which are also very nicely presented. We are so very happy to finally own this set of books and DVD's and not have to use the trial downloads anymore. We were comparing the price of the set we have to the cost of lessons + $4.00/gallon gas to go wherever we would need to for lessons and we are saving so much money having this set. The total cost of all the DVD's and lesson books would be less than $160.00.

Product Review by Nancy King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February, 2009