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Get REALLY Organized Combo Set Review by Jennifer Loucks

Molly Randolph
Homeschool with Index Cards

I love index cards--their simplicity, their compact size, their sturdy weight with lines spaced just right. Quad-ruled and colored cards are hoarded in my drawer of office supplies for very special uses. I was excited to find someone who shares my love for index cards, and has capitalized on them to organize her home and homeschool!

The Get REALLY Organized Combo Set ($9.95) includes the following products: 1. Kid Chore Organizer 2. Mom's Chore Organizer 3. Assignment Cards 4. "I'm Bored!" Card Set 5. NEW Mom's Mini-Planner

After paying with Paypal, you will download all the files to your hard drive, then the fun begins! The files are printed directly onto index cards; simple instructions are included to set up your printer, but you'll most likely need to fiddle with your printer and print some test cards.

Molly has found many creative, useful ways to organize the home and school with simple index cards. Each set comes with dozens, if not hundreds, of cards to print and use. The Chore Organizer sets are lists of chores, organized by room, to be printed on the cards. They have fun colors and fonts, and some clip art. They're very cheerful and fun, and color-coded by room. A suggested system for using them is included, but you're free to make them work for you. The Kid's set has kid-friendly jobs. If you're just starting to train your children to work, you may be pleasantly surprised at all they're capable of doing! You'll get many suggestions in the Kid's Chore set. Mom's set is more thorough, including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even yearly jobs. It's a fabulous way to organize those jobs (even the ones you didn't know you needed to do!).

The Assignment Cards can be used to write weekly lessons for your child; there are sets organized by subject or by day. "I'm Bored!" is a set of cards with things to do listed on them, for your child to peruse, grouped by "Indoor" and "Outdoor" activities. Smart!

Mom's Mini-Planner is a set of DayRunner-type forms to be printed on cards, and organized in a small index card binder. If you're a sucker (like me) for small, cute things, and you enjoy making your own organizing supplies, you'll love setting this up. She has many types of forms for you, such as week-at-a-glance, daily to-dos, notes pages, and more.

Another bonus: Since chore lists and planners can be highly personal, you can email her the type of card you need, and she will format it for you, then send you the file. So, now you really have no excuse for not making the cards work for you!

Molly's love for organizing shows in her products! Do you need ideas to get your school day and home organized? A master list of chores? A daily planner? For a very low price, you will get lots of ideas that you can sort through and try. If you already have a planner or system that you like, you may not find much new here. But if you're looking for something new, and don't want to spend much money, you'll get many ideas in this set.

Product Review by Jennifer Loucks, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September, 2008