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Story Teller, The Review by Reneé Ruby

Karen Clark
(877) 643-5521

"When you touch the heart and mind of a child you can change the future."

What nostalgia! Well, at least it was for me! When I received this and took it out, I was immediately transported back to my childhood Sunday school and Vacation Bible school classes. I remembered how I loved the Bible stories! Story time was my favorite time (well, okay, next to finger painting and weaving those potholders that my Mom STILL has!). I remember my teacher going to the flannel board and gingerly placing each figure and background there as we watched and listened to each story. How I always wanted to help with those soft felt figures. Occasionally, I got to help put them away! Well, now The Story Teller has brought this back and into our home where I finally get to put those figures up myself and allow my kids to do so, too!

What fun! The hardest part is cutting out all the pieces, but if your children are scissor-capable, let them do it! It adds to the excitement of hearing and being involved in the story! The felt pieces are very durable and even washable! We used a lingerie bag to wash them in and all the colors stayed bright; the pieces were not torn up at all. We started by telling the story of Jonah and the Whale, which my children are very familiar with and in no time they had confiscated the pieces from me and were telling the story to one another! My youngest wanted to make sure we were keeping them because "I love Jonah!" My daughter enjoyed being the teacher and telling the story to anyone who would listen (even her dolls!). We also received figures for "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and had lots of fun turning the skinny little "worm" into a fat caterpillar and then seeing why he ate so much to begin with - to transform into the beautiful butterfly! Additionally, we received a cassette tape that was so fun! We travel a lot by car, so cassettes are a staple in our home! The kids learned all about safety and manners in a fun, musical way! Sure, we all teach our kids about this at home, but why not reinforce it as often as possible?

There are tons of collections to choose - from educational to recreational! There are even hand puppets and a "felt" doll reminiscent of the old paper dolls! These unique visual aids are great for remembering and retelling stories and events. They promote key areas of development including: intellect, motor skills, listening, sequencing, memorization, creativity, and more! And if that's not enough they also offer business opportunities! You can become a distributor! Great for those moms looking to help their families financially in a fun and creative way!

"When I hear, I forget.
When I see, I remember.
When I do, I learn!"

For more information on The Story Teller product line or to find out how to become a distributor, contact Karen Clark at her website, at, or by calling (877) 643-5521 toll-free.

--Product Review by Reneé Ruby, The Old Schoolhouse®