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Word Wall Words for Second Grade Review by Dawn Oaks

MRM Classroom Connections, LLC
P.O. Box 756
Ramsey, NJ 07446

Do you have a child that just loves art and coloring? Word Wall Words for Second Grade may be just the answer to help your child learn those sometimes-difficult sight words. There are an abundance of wonderful phonics programs on the market today, but how do you address the words that break all of those phonics rules?

Word Wall Words is a wonderful tool that is especially useful for students who are receptive to color as an added learning help. In the middle of each Word Wall sheet is one sight word in large bubble letters. First, the student is asked to color that word. Then the student colors the mosaic background. Through the coloring process, the child's visual field is continually flooded with the repetition of seeing the sight word as it is properly spelled. This repeated exposure coupled with color is a phenomenal tool to reinforce correct spelling.

We used these sheets with our son, who is a strong right-brained learner, and the results were great. He enjoyed working independently on making his sheet look really cool and was even more excited to find that he didn't have to study those "hard" words that don't make sense. We pulled out a three-ring binder with some page protectors, inserted his new sheets as they were completed, and pretty soon he had his own personally made flip chart.

At first I became frustrated in how long it took for our son to complete each sheet, but then I realized that the repetition of having the sheet in front of him for an extended period was helping to reinforce his learning--something we could not have accomplished with typical flashcards.

The Word Wall Words for Second Grade packet contains 100 sheets of high frequency words that would appear in second-grade reading material. So if you have having trouble mastering those sight words, Word Wall Words may be just the aid you need.

Product review by Dawn Oaks, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2009