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The Grammar Key Standard Edition Workbook CD Review by Kerri Schnetz

Robert L. Conklin
P.O. Box 33230
Tulsa, OK 74153

The Grammar Key Workbook CD is a single CD that has both the Sentence Structure and Parts of Speech as well as the Punctuation and Mechanics workbooks on it. They are opened and printed using adobe reader. These workbooks are used with The Grammar Key program. You can purchase spiral bound workbooks from The Grammar Key or you can purchase the CD and print multiple copies or just the pages you need.

I have used The Grammar Key for several years and really like the program. It has improved my children's grammar skills quite a lot, and they like doing it. So when I heard about the workbook CD I really wanted to try it. I like the CD program because it allows the child to work on the computer but the workbook really gives extra practice and allows you to gauge a child's retention of the material. As stated above, the CD has both workbooks on it. You can open either workbook and print off as many pages as you need or want, giving children what they need more work on.

Each workbook has between 28 to 31 lessons. The lessons start with the very basics such as simple subject, simple predicate and work up to more advanced grammar subject matter. Each concept should be mastered before moving on to the next, the CDs do this by recommending that the child get an 85% or above before they move on to the next section. This program is all you need. You can throw away those old English texts and dry workbooks. I really think you would benefit by using the whole program, and not just the workbooks. The workbooks complement the CD program and I would highly recommend the workbook CD if you were going to use the Grammar Key program. Then you can print off as many copies as you need and leave unprinted those you don't.

The Grammar Key Workbook CD is only $9.95 and well worth the price. I cannot say enough about the whole Grammar Key program. When I bought my first CDs they were $59.95 each and I still think they were worth the price. Now they have lowered the CDs to $9.95 to give access to more families. It is a steal and it works. If your child diligently works through the program his grammar skills will improve; and if your kids are like mine they would much rather work on the computer than in a book.

Product review by Kerri Schnetz, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July, 2008