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A Matter of Facts: Math Facts Matter Review by Rose Klukas

Kathy Robinson, CEO
Schoolware, Inc.
2912 Enterprise Drive, Suite B2
Durant, OK 74701

A Matter of Facts is an online math program designed to solidify your child's recollection of basic math facts. Once a subscription has been purchased, log-on information is provided and access to the site granted.

Ideally, this product should be used frequently as a reinforcement of math facts. This product would be suitable for elementary and middle school age children of various learning styles. My own children were 10 and 12 when we started using the program. Initially, a child logs into the program and is given an assessment to determine a base line score. The assessment moves fairly quickly, which can be frustrating for some children, but once they've developed a pattern things go quite smoothly. After the assessment, the child moves into the regular setting, which is a timed math facts forum. Upon completion of each set, the child is rewarded with a short video game of his or her choice. My children enjoyed doing their math facts on the computer using this "game," and my boys particularly loved the video game reward system. I liked the various reinforcements that kept my kids actively engaged while actively learning.

I think this product has a strong potential of improving a child's math facts when used regularly, ideally most school days. The goal of the product is to provide rapid recall of math facts. With continuous use, I believe this goal can be achieved. The only drawback in our home was having only one computer to work with, although we were eventually able to agree on a suitable schedule for all users. Any time my boys tell me they enjoy doing math, I am one happy mom--willing to accommodate drawbacks!

Learning basic math facts is an important foundation in mathematics that will contribute to success and ease of learning in upper level math classes. Any help a parent can provide to support this critical area of mathematics is valuable.

Product review by Rose Klukas, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2009