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My Ultra Secret Spy Stuff Review by Michelle Nicholson

Swingset Press

"Move over 'Spy Kids,' Austin Powers ,and James Bond, there's a new spy in town!"

My Ultra Secret Spy Stuff is a very cool, original and imaginative product from Swingset Press. This spy journal is an attempt to get boys writing more, however, the educational value far surpasses that goal. It is a quite impressive product.

This journal for boys is spiral bound, with blank pages inside for the boys to write in. Here's the extremely cool part. The journal comes with an "invisible ink" pen and a ultraviolet light to decode the messages with. No writing can be detected until the U. V. light is then used to reveal the secret messages written on what appears to be blank pages! The spy journal also has two secret codes (one on the inside of each cover) that can also only be "cracked" by using the U. V. light. Lastly, the journal comes with a lock and two keys.

Let me say my son, who is a very reluctant writer, loves this spy journal and has a lot of fun using it! He didn't hesitate to spend time writing "secret messages" in the journal both in English and using the codes provided. Suddenly, writing was no longer an activity to be avoided.

Not only did I appreciate the writing opportunities the spy journal provided, I also enjoyed the other educational skills being used. Using the codes, math skills were used. Critical thinking and reading skills were used as well. As homeschooling parents, we all look for products to bring out learning using different methods. Finding products that are educational AND fun can be extremely challenging! The Ultra Secret Spy Stuff Journal does just that. The hard part will be getting your son to put it down for dinner ( I speak from experience) and you will definitely want to pick it up. It gets the kid/mom seal of approval at our house. This product has also won the following awards.

* National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
* Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award
* National Parenting Publication Award

--Product Review by: Michelle Nicholson, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine