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Classic Rock Guitar Rudiments for Lead Guitar Review by Christy Sensenig

Jerry Jennings
J. Jennings Publishing Company
5012 Kahn Street
Carmichael, California 95608

 Classic Rock Guitar Rudiments for Lead Guitar is a book and DVD course that emphasizes the basic skills necessary to play guitar in the genre of blues and classic rock. It covers many areas--from the minor pentatonic scale, hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends, staccato, and slides to picking, muting, tonal center, grooves, blues notes, and rolling. It also includes an appendix for five minor pentatonic block patterns and an appendix for key signatures. The DVD is a wonderful complement to the lessons within the book and is expansive in its content.

This course focuses on tablature and notation, with an emphasis on technique. Using the tablature in conjunction with the DVD gives the reader an understanding of the exercises included within this course. The reader will want to progress through each page of this course because the information is provided in succession. A knowledge of ascending and descending scales is helpful but not necessary, as the author provides a description of this at the beginning of the course. The author has also written a course entitled The Guitarist's Link to Sight Reading. This would be a good book to begin reading prior to using this course if a basic understanding of standard notation is needed. This course is intended for beginners, ages 10 to adult, and could be used in conjunction with any method of schooling, as it can be adapted to a structured schedule or working at your own pace.

This course is put together very nicely. My 16-year-old son, who is a guitar player, enjoyed the combination of the workbook and the DVD. He made the comment that he would not have enjoyed it as much if the format had been different. He viewed the DVD and worked through the lessons in succession and was able to gain a better knowledge of techniques used specifically for blues and classic rock guitar.

Classic Rock Guitar Rudiments for Lead Guitar would be great for anyone interested in learning the basics of lead guitar within the blues and classic rock genre. I recommend this course very highly and feel certain you would enjoy learning more in this very popular area of music.

Product review by Christy Sensenig, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2009