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My Photo Phonebook Review by Michelle Nicholson

I was quite pleased with the product and found numerous benefits and teaching opportunities that came up in use of the phone directory. My Photo Phonebook was designed to give younger children who are not yet readers the independence to dial and use the phone on their own. (It was designed by the owners of Swingset Press for their own child's needs)

My Photo Phonebook is divided into three sections. There are pages in each section for special numbers, family and friends. At the top of each page is where you glue in a picture of the desired person (ex. Grandmother). After that, is a picture of a phone, where you enter the corresponding phone number. Next is a picture of a house for the corresponding address. The pages are able to be colored and stickers are included to really personalize each page!!

This gives parents a great learning opportunity to introduce necessary phone skills to children. Related uses are teaching your child to politely answer the phone and how to take a message. This is also a perfect way to learn the importance of 911 and how and when to dial it.

What I liked most about My Photo Phonebook was how easy it was to incorporate life skills as well as all the other fun activities. We looked up area codes (math skills) across the U.S. (geography) decorating the pages (art). My son not only enjoyed the coloring and stickers, bit more importantly being able to call his grandmother on his own!

My husband however, appreciated My Photo Phonebook for an entirely different reason. You see, my husband is dyslexic and has related to me numerous times how he really struggled in school. He pointed out to me that would be a great help especially to a dyslexic child!

My Photo Phonebook is a fun and very creative way for younger children to develop their phone skills and gain independence and confidence.

--Product Review by: Michelle Nicholson, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine