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The DragonKeeper Chronicles Review by Hayden Fletcher

DragonSpell, DragonQuest, DragonKnight, DragonFire, DragonLight
By Donita K. Paul
PO Box 25083
Colorado Springs, CO 80936

If one was to say something about me, one could say that I like to read. If one was to be informative, one could also say that I like to read fantasy. And if one was to be specific, one could say that I like to read Christian fantasy. All of these statements are true: I like to read good, Christian fantasy--a book about something that isn't real but is allegorizing something that is real. This is a good definition of The DragonKeeper Chronicles, and that is why I think these books are so good.

The DragonKeeper Chronicles is a series of five books (DragonSpell, DragonQuest, DragonKnight, DragonFire, and DragonLight), all of which express some Christian value, allegory, or lesson. Written by the experienced author Donita K. Paul, these books are easy and fun to read and are geared toward all ages. From the author's website: "In the tradition of Lewis and Tolkien, these books weave together memorable characters, daring adventure, and eternal truth. They are deep enough to captivate adults and straightforward enough to engage a younger audience." The DragonKeeper Chronicles are a work of art for any and all fantasy lovers.

Starting with the story of a lost slave girl who is seeking answers as she is suddenly thrust into a strange adventure, the book then turns to her becoming a "warrior of Paladin" and a follower of "Wulder", the God figure in the books. As the series continues, the young slave-turned-warrior soon sets out on her own adventures, meeting many unforgettable people along her journeys--from lovable dragons, to brave squires, to wicked wizards. The DragonKeeper Chronicles maintain their wonderful presentation of a Christian-based story in an exciting fantasy adventure. As the story evolves, the heroine meets a young man who is seeking to serve Wulder to the best of his ability, but he is also tackling some physical and spiritual problems in his life. These two warriors meet under strange circumstances, yet they end up going on a series of great adventures, all of which somehow tie into Christ's teaching.

I would recommend this series to any fantasy lover, especially to those who have a specific love for C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. If you are looking for a fun read-aloud that isn't hyped up with modern secular culture, these books are a great choice.

I think I've said enough about these books. It is an awesome series by an awesome writer, and one that I finished over the course of just a few months. I think anyone would love The DragonKeeper Chronicles. It is a series that I will keep in my library and share with friends and family. I hope you enjoy them too.

Product review by Hayden Fletcher, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2009